Working as a Team
Each day brings increased opportunity to increase emergency response provided for the citizens of Hocking County.
Logan Police
The Chief of Police for the City of Logan is Aaron Miller. Visit the Police web site by clicking the above link.
Hocking Sheriff's Office
Visit Sheriff Lanny North's web site. The Sheriff's site has links to many sites of intrests and it also has a complete list of sex offenders.
Hocking County EMS
Logan Fire Dept.
Laurelville Fire Dept.




Chief of E.M.S. / Steve Brown
609 State Route 664 North
Logan, Ohio 43138

The Hocking County E.M.S. is equipped with a total of Five Medic Units. Four of the units are housed at the main E.M.S. station located next to the Hocking County Community Hospital while the fifth one is located in the village of Laurelville. One of the five medic units is a dual purpose medic and rescue unit.

The Hocking County E.M.S. Department is made up of eighteen full time medics/ rescue personnel and four Kelly day medics. The employees also train with the State Park Rangers on repelling rescue.

Here are some non-emergency phone numbers you may call to contact your E.M.S. Department:
The Hocking County Emergency Medical Services Department is dispatched by Hocking County 911.


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